Author: Manas Mitra

Tip # 23: Selective Menu Options in Divi

Some times a situation occurs that number of menu options are too many to be used comfortably in small screen with hamburger menu. Or, such a situation occurs that client wants to have different options for desktop and different options for mobile. Let us consider a situation where we have five menu options – Menu 1, Menu 2, Menu 3, Menu 4 & Menu 5. We need Menu 3, Menu 4 & Menu 5 to be displayed in Desktop mode and Menu 1, Menu 2 & Menu 3 to be displayed in Tablet & Smartphone mode. Resource: You need Divi &...

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Tip 22: Split Background Image in Divi Page

A post in a Facebook group let me create a layout like this. Resource: You need Divi. Procedure: Create a standard row with 1/2 + 1/2 module. Put a text module in the left column and put content in it. Open “Section Module Setting”. Add a new background image. Move down to Custom Padding. Make Top & Bottom padding to 0px. Now open “Row Module Settings”. Make This Row Fullwidth: Yes Use Custom Gutter Width: Yes Decrease “Gutter Width” size to 1. Move down to Custom Padding. Make Top & Bottom padding to 0px. Open “Text Module Settings”. Open “Advanced...

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Tip # 21: A New Type of Gallery

Recently my client asked for a different kind of gallery. He wanted to have multiple galleries in a single page. As I was fiddling with different options, I found Divi Toggle Module can be of some use. Resource: You need Divi, Images for Gallery & Lightbox plugin from Huge-IT. Procedure: Create a page with a standard row and a four column structure. Make following changes in Row module settings (Image 1): Make This Row Fullwidth: Yes Use Custom Gutter Width: 2 In each column put a toggle. You may create multiple toggles in each column (Image 2). In each toggle,...

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Tip # 20: More Divi Gallery Modification

A few days back I wrote a post about how to beautify Divi gallery popup lightbox. Result looked good, but when I noticed the gallery thumbnail page, it was not that much charming! As I was searching for idea, I came across a post by Nick Roach (Founder of Elegant Themes) in Facebook which has a image of Divi 100 Marathon post. “Divi 100 DAY 30” has a shadow which makes the sign having a 3D effect. Images in gallery can also have that effect. A little CSS made that possible. Resource: You need a Divi gallery and a...

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Tip # 19: How to Transfer Large Website Using Duplicator Plugin?

Duplicator is an indispensable plugin for WordPress developers. After developing a WordPress website offline, it is quite easy to upload the finished product to live server. But the process may fail if the total file size becomes bigger than 100 MB. Duplicator Pro version has the limit increased to 2 GB. Let me explain how to bypass the limitation of Duplicator plugin (free version). Resource: You need Duplicator plugin, an offline website and server space to upload the site. Procedure: Install duplicator plugin in your offline WordPress installation. Watch this youtube video for a detailed instruction on installation of Duplicator plugin...

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The tips you are going to find in this site, a number of them are not mine, I just got it somewhere, and I am sharing it to the rest of the world & I don’t take responsibility if it breaks your site – use them at your own risk. Source of a lot of tips are unknown to me. If any one finds a tip that was initially shared by him / her should immediately inform me using Contact Me form. In your claim, mention the URL where you first shared the tip. I shall put your name & your preferred URL in that tip without any delay.

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