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Tip # 13: Is There Any Sample Data Available For Divi / Extra?

Is There Any Sample Data Available For Divi / Extra? Does the heading look familiar? You shall find the same question over and over and over again in ET Official forum as well as in different Facebook groups. The answer is NO for Divi but YES for Extra. You read it right – A fresh Extra installation can have a look of the demo at the ET site within say less than one minute time! Yes, you can have that within a minute provided you have a few posts with featured image (feels like a supermarket sale? 25% of on...

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Tip # 12: Background Image in Divi Vertical Menu

Background Image in Divi Vertical Menu I was developing a single page site with a left vertical menu and the client wanted to have an image of a barber pole at that area! Resource: You need Divi & a little CSS. Procedure: Create a vertically centered menu. Do not make the menu a nested one – that will break it’s charm. Put the following CSS: /* Begin Image in Vertical Menu */ header#main-header { background-image: url(''); // Image to display } /* End Image in Vertical Menu */ /* Begin Menu Options Position */ .et_vertical_nav.et_header_style_centered #main-header #top-menu-nav { margin-top:...

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Tip # 11: Four Column Full Width Blog Grid in Divi

Four Column Full Width Blog Grid in Divi I was reading a blog post from Divi Guru Geno Quiroz about how to create a four column portfolio grid in Divi. It’s a great article and the idea came to me – can it be replicated in a full width blog grid? In my previous tip TIP # 10: FULL WIDTH BLOG GRID IN DIVI, I have shown you how to make a standard three column blog grid full width. Resource: You need Divi or Extra Procedure: Create a blog grid in a standard row. Select the particular category, post from which...

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Tip # 10: Full Width Blog Grid in Divi

Full Width Blog Grid in Divi We all have used the monotonous blog grid module in Divi. It works well for general blog purpose, but what about a photography portfolio site? Thick white border around each blog entry reduces the charm of the page! You may find a number of portfolio plugins (free as well as paid ones) which creates good looking photography blog page. BEHOLD! We are using one of the most powerful theme. Why use a third party plugin to achieve something that is already built in Divi? Resource: You need Divi or Extra. Procedure: Create a...

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Tip # 9: Divi Vertical Tabs

Divi Vertical Tabs A few days back I made a query for help on creating a vertical tabs system in Facebook group Divi Theme Tutorials. I was searching for a plugin in WordPress repository and also found one. In the meantime our beloved Dehn Merrill lead me to a solution which is already available in Divi itself! Illustration above is a very crude representation of what was required (won’t get me a prize for the art.) Resource: You need Divi or Extra and a little bit CSS Procedure: Create a single column text module. Click on Add ET Tabs...

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The tips you are going to find in this site, a number of them are not mine, I just got it somewhere, and I am sharing it to the rest of the world & I don’t take responsibility if it breaks your site – use them at your own risk. Source of a lot of tips are unknown to me. If any one finds a tip that was initially shared by him / her should immediately inform me using Contact Me form. In your claim, mention the URL where you first shared the tip. I shall put your name & your preferred URL in that tip without any delay.

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