Tip # 23: Selective Menu Options in Divi

Some times a situation occurs that number of menu options are too many to be used comfortably in small screen with hamburger menu. Or, such a situation occurs that client wants to have different options for desktop and different options for mobile. Let us consider a...

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Tip 22: Split Background Image in Divi Page

A post in a Facebook group let me create a layout like this. Resource: You need Divi. Procedure: Create a standard row with 1/2 + 1/2 module. Put a text module in the left column and put content in it. Open "Section Module Setting". Add a new background image. Move...

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Tip # 21: A New Type of Gallery

Recently my client asked for a different kind of gallery. He wanted to have multiple galleries in a single page. As I was fiddling with different options, I found Divi Toggle Module can be of some use. Resource: You need Divi, Images for Gallery & Lightbox plugin from...

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Tip # 20: More Divi Gallery Modification

A few days back I wrote a post about how to beautify Divi gallery popup lightbox. Result looked good, but when I noticed the gallery thumbnail page, it was not that much charming! As I was searching for idea, I came across a post by Nick Roach (Founder of Elegant...

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Tip # 16: How to Find Page ID

How to Find Page ID I was working with Nexus theme from Elegant Themes for a project. It was a need to show content of a specific page in the home page itself. To achieve this, a little theme modification was required. Adding following PHP code in proper theme file...

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