Tip # 14: How to Create a Membership Site

How to Create a Membership Site Building a membership site in WordPress is quite easy with proper set of plugins - you heard it right, it is not possible or very difficult to create a proper membership site with a single plugin. I shall create a membership system...

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Tip # 12: Background Image in Divi Vertical Menu

Background Image in Divi Vertical Menu I was developing a single page site with a left vertical menu and the client wanted to have an image of a barber pole at that area! Resource: You need Divi & a little CSS. Procedure: Create a vertically centered menu. Do not make...

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Tip # 11: Four Column Full Width Blog Grid in Divi

Four Column Full Width Blog Grid in Divi I was reading a blog post from Divi Guru Geno Quiroz about how to create a four column portfolio grid in Divi. It's a great article and the idea came to me - can it be replicated in a full width blog grid? In my previous...

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Tip # 10: Full Width Blog Grid in Divi

Full Width Blog Grid in Divi We all have used the monotonous blog grid module in Divi. It works well for general blog purpose, but what about a photography portfolio site? Thick white border around each blog entry reduces the charm of the page! You may find a number...

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Tip # 9: Divi Vertical Tabs

Divi Vertical Tabs A few days back I made a query for help on creating a vertical tabs system in Facebook group Divi Theme Tutorials. I was searching for a plugin in WordPress repository and also found one. In the meantime our beloved Dehn Merrill lead me to a...

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Tip # 8: Using Custom Fields Without Coding

Using Custom Fields Without Coding Custom Fields - A very important feature in WordPress development - often left unused for the complexity in usability. You must have the following pre-requisites to exploit this powerful feature in WordPress: Good knowledge of PHP....

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Tip # 7: Square Blurb in Divi

Square Blurb in Divi Why blurbs are always round? You may ask yourself this question. I found the definition of blurb in Cambridge Online Dictionary as a short description of a book, film, etc., written by the people who have produced it, and intended to make people...

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Tip # 6: Divi Touch Portfolio

Divi Touch Portfolio I got an odd requirement from my client. They need a portfolio page of their associates, but don't want to click to view individual person's detail. It was quite a out of the line way to create a portfolio page with no click !!! RESOURCE You need...

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