Tip # 5: Sydney Theme & Site Origin Page Builder

Sydney Theme & Site Origin Page Builder Whenever I find a little bit of free time, I take a stroll of to find something new, to gather a little bit of knowledge. A few months back I stumbled upon an excellent theme - Sydney from aThemes. It is an...

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Tip # 3: Divi Secondary Menu Configuration

Divi Secondary Menu Configuration Today I am going to share a tip with regards to our beloved theme Divi from Elegant Themes. Divi is my favorite theme (as well as others also I hope). The secondary menu is a nice & slick one and I love to fiddle with it. Putting a...

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Tip # 2: How to create a child theme?

How to create a child theme? Creating a child theme is most important part of developing a WordPress site. It protects a site from probability of breaking up at the time of theme up-gradation. If you are happy with whatever features provided in the theme and never try...

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The tips you are going to find in this site, a number of them are not mine, I just got it somewhere, and I am sharing it to the rest of the world & I don’t take responsibility if it breaks your site – use them at your own risk. Source of a lot of tips are unknown to me. If any one finds a tip that was initially shared by him / her should immediately inform me using Contact Me form. In your claim, mention the URL where you first shared the tip. I shall put your name & your preferred URL in that tip without any delay.

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