A few days back I wrote a post about how to beautify Divi gallery popup lightbox. Result looked good, but when I noticed the gallery thumbnail page, it was not that much charming! As I was searching for idea, I came across a post by Nick Roach (Founder of Elegant Themes) in Facebook which has a image of Divi 100 Marathon post. “Divi 100 DAY 30” has a shadow which makes the sign having a 3D effect. Images in gallery can also have that effect. A little CSS made that possible.


You need a Divi gallery and a little CSS.


  • Create a Divi gallery with a few images (Image 1).
  • Put following CSS & check the result (Image 2).
.et_pb_gallery_image.landscape {
    box-shadow: 5px 5px 5px grey;
.et_pb_gallery_items.et_post_gallery {
    padding-right: 6px !important; // creates enough space to display the shadow of right most images

Reference Images: