At last I found some time and energy to create my site – a tip site about wordpress & related subjects. One may thing, what’s the point in creating another wordpress tip site, when there are so many already there and everyone is trying to get a little bit of footstep in today’s SEO ranking – the rat race of being in the first page of google search result, earn some business & ultimately earn a few (or may be a lot) more bucks by the way.

Every new site is searching for a genuine back-link to score high. So I thought why not give them a chance? A few days back I found in Upwork that someone posted a job of black-hat SEO. Are those methods still working with google? If not, then why such a job posting? Who is going to participate in that? Even if it is successful for first few days, but google is ultimately going to find it out and then ? ? ?

Well, here is your chance to get a genuine back-link. Send me your tips through the form at Contact Me. I shall share it with full credit to you and a link to your site both at the top & bottom of the tip. I must mention, if using your tip, someone gets hurt, it will be your responsibility. I am just sharing what you shared to me. Mind it, shared tips should be yours, not copied from elsewhere – if you copy from someone else, give them proper credit.