How to run a WordPress installation in LAN?

You shall find a lot of posts & video tutorials about running wordpress in a local PC without using an actual server. But a lot of time it becomes a need to run a wordpress installation in a Local Area Network (LAN). One may find a number of paid & free softwares to achieve it. Today I am going to share a method, by which you can very easily create an environment where you will be running a wordpress installation in LAN.


You need Wamp Server, WordPress & minimum two or more Windows PC connected in LAN (Local Area Network).


The method I am going to share is successfully tested in running using a windows PC acting as a server with the help of Wamp Server software.

  • Download wamp server software from
  • Install the software & run it. You will find a green wamp icon WAMP Logo at the task bar.WAMP Control Panel
  • Left click on the icon and click on Put Online from the opened list.
  • For a moment, the icon will change to orange and then back again to green.
  • Install wordpress in the same PC.
  • You may find a good tutorial about wordpress installation using wamp at
  • Now you have to put an IP Address to the Ethernet / Wireless Adapter.
  • To do it, you first need to know what is your current IP Address. To find it, open Control Panel and search for the term network.
  • You will find an option called View network connections. Click on it to open Network Connections window.
  • Right click the connection that you want to modify and select Properties from available options.
  • Network Connection Properties window will open.
  • Change the properties of Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).Network Connection Properties
  • Put a suitable higher value like in IP Address area and in Subnet mask area.
  • Close all the opened windows by clicking OK button where ever available.
  • You may find a good article about changing IP Address at
  • Now, open wordpress admin panel and go to Settings -> General Settings.
  • Replace WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) both with the IP Address value (e.g. you put in the Network Connections.
  • Save it and you will be ready to serve your wordpress site in LAN.
  • To open the wordpress site in lan, put the IP Address value in browser and Voilà!
  • Admin page of the site is also available in the usual way (e.g.