How to capture a screen shot of a full web page?

It is a requirement for all freelance web developers to take snapshot of a full webpage to bid for a new job / show work profile to clients. There are two ways this can be successfully achieved – one is specific to Mozilla Firefox & the second one is a generic one. Personally I like the firefox one.

You need to install a firefox addon Screengrab (fix version). It will create a Screengrab button on the firefox toolbar containing a few options. Open the page you want to take a screenshot, let the page load in full & press the following key combination: Ctrl+Shift+! – it will open a dialog box asking to provide a file name to save the image in. By default, it saves in PNG format, but it can be changed to JPG or BMP format also.

The second option is a web service named Web-Capture. As it is an online service, it takes a little bit more time to execute and sometime also fails, if the site is too heavy or it is running from localhost.

Google chrome also has got such an add-on but it’s paid – free version is of almost no use.