Sydney Theme & Site Origin Page Builder

Whenever I find a little bit of free time, I take a stroll of to find something new, to gather a little bit of knowledge. A few months back I stumbled upon an excellent theme – Sydney from aThemes. It is an excellent single page wordpress theme, ideal for a corporate site. The theme is based on underscores theme (_S) from Automattic. The theme is a light colored single page theme with provision to change the colors of different sections to dark.

The theme has a few sections in-built. Other than Post, Media, Pages & Comments, it has Services, Employees, Testimonials, Clients & Projects sections pre-built. All these section features are supported by an excellent page builder plugin from SiteOrigin.

SiteOrigin Page Builder is an all-in-one page builder plugin which suffice almost all requirement of a custom site building. It can create upto eight column design with variable column width. If has a nice facility of design export. A page design with all components can be exported into a JSON file which can later be imported in to another page and be modified as per requirement. One point of caution, if the page already contains any thing, that will be wiped off when a saved design is loaded.

Each module of the page builder has it’s own Custom CSS area and provision for class also. The page builder can be used with almost any theme. There are a number of additional plugins available, which adds more modules to the original SiteOrigin Page Builder module sets. Over all a smooth experience regarding usage of page builder in wordpress.